March 12. 2013

Virtual Sex gaming powerhouse Somavision today accounced an official project for the upcoming VR headset the Oculus rift. The game which will feature never before seen detailed 3D models and environments will feature adult VR immersion on an unprecidented level. 


The company's biggest announcement at the Somavision - attended GDC 2013 San Francisco event. The fact that one of hte premiere players in the adult game space created an instant buzz. "we've been expecting that this would be something some new companies would jump into, but the fact that you have a proven player like Somavision going into adult VR shows that there is a tremendous interest in this technology and where it's headed.", Paul Michaels, a event attendant concluded.

The virtual reality headset Oculus Rift made quite an impression with its Kickstarter campaign this year, but now that one of the most experienced developers in adult video games now announces a "highly-immersive, adult virtual reality experiences" there might be a whole new level of interest in the goggle LCD tech.


About the soon-to-be-released but yet untitled, original adult VR game produced by his studio, founder Alan Huxley - Somavision states:

"This is the VR that we've been waiting for, and now it's finally here. The leap in technology is tremendous and the ability to immerse the player into the virtual space is like nothing that we've seen before.  

We've been making adult games for over 10 years. We have an experienced team that comes for professional game development and we've never been more excited to be on the cutting edge of adult entertainment."
The company's announcement comes at the heels of another adult VR startup, Sinful Robot, who also promises "fully immersive VR experiences". When asked about other developers in the newly developing adult VR game arena Huxley replied: 
"We think that the more options there are in the marketplace the better the overall experience for the user is going to be. There is no way that we can make something that caters to every experience, so the more developers there are making adult games the more it will help to foster a overall acceptance for this kind of entertainment."


IvyI got to give credit to the developers at Namco. In 1996 they made a little game you may have heard of called Soul Edge. I wouldn't say that first game was in the same league as Mortal Kombat, but it was alright for a fighting game of its time. Then they continued with the Soulcalibur series until 2009, and every game they released seemed to get exponentially better than the last. What did the developers do to make this game franchise so appealing for so long? Well I like to think the development meeting went something like this.

"What can we do to sell more games?"

"Maybe we could make it cheaper than everyone else, since after development fees it only takes a couple cents to produce each copy of the game."

"Ridiculous! Gamers have infinite money, everyone knows that!"

"What if we used a realistic physics engine and make Soulcalibur more complex and innovative than any other fighting game?"

"Good idea, but we need more! More! What else can we do?"

"What if we give all the female characters bigger boobs that jiggle when they move?"

"You just earned a raise!"

That must be the secret to the success of the Soulcalibur series. You need only to look at the characters from each game side by side to see that in each new release the female characters got less and less clothing, while their breasts and buttocks became more revealed with an amusingly eccentric jiggle feature.


The character Sophita Alexandra has been in each Soulcalibur game since the beginning. In Soul Blade she was shown wearing protective armor, with a relatively flat chest. By the time Soulcalibur came around, the armor was lost in favor of a cleavage-revealing shirt to show off her newly enlarged breasts. By Soulcalibur IV her breasts grew to a size large than her head, with even less clothing to cover them.

There has been some protest about the hyper-sexualization of women in video games. It may seem unreasonable that wearing less armor and showing more skin would make a woman a better fighter, but video game physics proves it to be true. It is clear that sacrificing protection of bulky metal for the freedom of movement provided by thin straps of cloth or leather gives female fighters the ability to kick higher, jiggle longer, and kick the backside of their distracted foes. When put into practice, it is a perfectly legitimate tactic. Just look at the real-world champion mud wrestlers or the heroines of foxy boxing.

It's the simple basics of marketing that a video game developer needs to give its customers what they want. The remarkable success of the Soulcalibur series therefore shows evidence of what scientists have long suspected; gamers like boobs. It has been proven that the gaming community is composed entirely out of straight single males between the ages of fourteen and thirty. Therefore large jiggly breasts are not just an enhancement to video games, but a practical requirement. The path of logic dictates that if men like breasts, and Soulcalibur has breasts, men must like Soulcalibur. Soulcalibur does have breasts, and men do indeed like it.

SCOne might take a walk in the real world and take note of the breasts of common people he passes. One might then note that the real world has in general, smaller breasts than Soulcalibur heroines, often with less jiggle, and not so absurdly beautiful proportions. But it isn't that kind of realism that gamers want in video games. What we want is a fantasy world so vivid that for a little while we can forget that off in the real world, women's breasts aren't commonly the size of watermelons, they don't dance around in ridiculously skimpy outfits, and we'll likely never get the pleasure of a hot sweaty scuffle with them. When a gamer asks for realism, he really wants a virtual world so wondrous that we forget it's just images on a screen.

If all that means gamers want breasts that grow larger each year, then so be it! By Soulcalibur X we may see nothing but giant breasts on the screen doing battle with one another. I predict this version of Soulcalibur will be the most successful of all, with fans invigorated by this new style of gaming and the various breast-themed attack styles available. Keep leading us into the future Namco, gamers need you and your vision of breasts for the world!

The Largest site for online adult games has undergone a massive makeover in anticipation of the latest wave of new adult 3d games. The makeover makes finding your favorite adult games even easier. Somavision Game Studios, the makers of the popular adult games Digamour, 3D Plaything, and Pink Tropics now offers thier entire library and several special new titles at The new adult community site now allows users to see special video previews, play free demos, and download never before seen Hi Resolution centerfold images from the original Somavision library.

Somavision has been making adult games since 1998 and has since been featured in magazines such as Playboy, Penthouse and AVN. Somavision games have also been featured in several online and broadcast programs around the world. Starting this year, Somavision has announced the release of thier newest adult 3D games, 3D Cutie. This new game is a revolution in 3D online gaming, for the first time ever offering players the ability to experience a complete realtime 3D game in their web browser. This newest game will feature regular game updates which will automatically appear each time the player loads the game. An online leaderboard will allow players to compete against each other for the top spot in an online sex adventure that takes place in a highly realistic 3D environment.

Building on the popular adult RPG concept in Digamour, 3D Cutie offers players a multiple threaded storyline where they can develop their own unique character as he completes a series of quests to win the adoration of the female characters in the game. Featuring hundreds of Motion Captured Animations and original voice recordings, 3D Cutie promises to be Somavisions most ambitious title to date.

Virtual games are all the rage among individuals who want to have a larger-than-life experience. Some considered it as a total escape from reality. They are better than the movies because you get to experience first-hand the actions and adventures involve in playing virtual games.

Adult games are considered more exciting by many. The adult sex games are the safest place where you can share and act out your sexual fantasies with other players. If you are into fetishes, you can find it enjoyable being in a roomful of players with the same interest. If you like tough love, for instance, you can participate in thematic rooms complete with bonds and chains. These games, which are popularly known as sex games, have a huge number of players. These games are one of the highest revenue-earning virtual games because of its sexual content. Sex games have tapped the players market so rapidly, and in great proportions, that even Playboy and Hustler magazines have joined the ranks of the many game developers who profit from creating visually stimulating games.

Playboy Enterprise started out as a men's magazine, founded by Hugh Hefner, before it became as an international icon for sex. Now, Playboy has dominated every medium there is from print, radio and television. The online scene was not spared by Playboy as they introduced to the online community its flagship website, Even in virtual games, Playboy has expanded its broad wings. Under license from Playboy enterprise, Cyberlore Studios, in collaboration with ARUSH Entertainment and Groove Games, has released a new game entitled Playboy: MansionĀ. The game allows you to simulate the life of the Playboy's owner cum adult-entertainment icon Hugh Hefner. You can stage parties for imaginary well-heeled guests and supermodels, and mount photo shoots where you can choose your model, her outfit and an angle for the cover or centerfold. The effects are very real-like, and simulating nude photo shoots are the most exciting part of the game for men because they would see vivid and graphic illustrations of the female genitalia. The celebrity guests of the party exhibit arrange of mood and reactions to different occurrence or situations is the game. Even their zodiac signs have mysterious effects on their interactions, and it is up to you to figure out a way to please them so you can build a wide network of contacts, form a lasting friendship, or seduce someone to initiate a sizzling affair. Through this video game, Playboy enterprise has once again widens its clout in the porn industry.

The Hustler, which is also a popular men's magazine, has launched a game to cater to the virtual players. The magazine, which is known for depicting explicit contents and themes such as sex toys, penetration, and group sex, has recently, which is an interactive virtual network that allows you to simulate each and every sexual desire you may have. The site boasts of its unique 3D world brimming with realistic interactive erotic experience. The site gives you free reign in customizing your characters, and making the do anything you please. The site also lets you dress them up with sexy wears, then have them play with other characters, using a variety of sex tool and gadgets

Added in this build:

Procedural Head Controls 
HUD buttons for clothing removal
Contact sensitive tools
Now after you remove the panties from a HUD button (we can fade the clothing off later), the tools selector becomes available.
From the tools selector you can switch the hover item from the default hand.

There are three spots that trigger the tool to change its' animations, pussy, ass, mouth.
If you click on one of these areas, The prop is then parented to that joint and the script selects a prop animation of my choosing.
All the prop anims are not complete yet, so they might not match right now in this demo.
When the "insert point" is active, the animation playback becomes manual, controlled by y-axis mouse when tool is left click-held.
I felt that this was the most intuitive way to swap between "free roam" as it were and "insertion anims".  Note: the mouth/pussy/ass morphs are not currently accessing the tool anims, so the morphs do not open yet with tool, but this will be added. The animation that is driven when in "insert" mode is on the propsroot. I do not have any controls to active bone animation for example on the hand tool, but this could be added quite easily.
In addition to the three spots that trigger the tool lock-on, there are 2 boob zones. These move the tits when the user clicks on them, plus triggers a crossfade to another animation. Which brings me to the animation scripting part of the demo.

I have changed the organization of the anims to better reflect how they are used in the game. So you start with the idle anim, then you have a idle animation array and HUD buttons which cycle through the idle anims. Each idle then has 5 sub-anims arrays with corespond to each zone. You can duplicate sub-on each zone, but the possibility is there to have a separate anim triggered by each zone.  So you click the pussy, she crossfades to the idle1pussy anim, you click on the left tit she plays the animation that matches the pussy inserting tool. Only clicking on the same "instert trigger" again will result in going back to "free roam" so you should be able to trigger all of the sub-anims even when there is a particular tool in a particular hole. 

For this first set, I will try to make 5 idles and then 5 sub-anims for each idle. We can continue adding more if it is deemed necessary.
More to be done:
Emotional states:
I really am looking forward to adding the emotional state changer. Will take a little time to make 20 different morph anims, but once that is done the scripting is in place to have her continue to change her expressions over a pretty significant gameplay period, like 10 minutes or so. Im interested to see if this can be observed, or is too subtle for the average user to notice.

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