August 30. 2011

This update includes:

PropRoot Animations - all (most) of the prop anims are matched up to the corresponding root
Breast Physics Fixed
Prop swap - hand changes when in 'insert' mode

The position switcher is now a on screen HUD. I will probably make this final with swapping image icons. Once the sub-anims are made for these sets, there should be some pretty engaging game play. Have not added final full range to facial morphs and blinking, but it's next on the list.

Escaping the humdrum of reality is one of the lures of a virtual game. It can let your imagination run wild as far as you want to. In everyday life, you can't behead a fire-breathing dragon or conjure magic spells with your hands. It is only in virtual games where you can do such stuff. Thanks to these highly-imaginative games, we can turn our fantasies and crazy ambitions (even frustrations) to actuality. But what about our sexual fantasies? Are you one of the lucky people who live out their sexual fantasies? Most probably you are not. Our society has set rules, norms, mores; end expects us to behave in a standard behavior. The truth is, we all have our own fantasies that we hold n secret because we are ashamed to tell because other people may find it (or pretend to find it) repulsive. We do not want to be dubbed as a pervert, don't we? That is why not one of our sexual fantasies escapes our mouths, and we swear to take it to our graves.

But times are changing. Although society is still being a tight ass when it comes to acting out our sexual fantasies, there are avenues where our imagination can reign free, and these avenues really reflect society's view of sex (even many people would deny it). One avenue is virtual games. Sex games can be in a form of massive multiplayer online game, also called MMOG, where you can interact with other people online, date, and yes, have simulated sex. Sex game sites support sexuality, and offer you to act out your sexual fantasies from simple fetishes to the most wild, lurid ones. We can almost hear them say, Hey, if you can't do it in real life because you will be ostracized or worse, face legal consequence, why don't you just do it hereĀ These virtual worlds copy reality with life-like characters, real and familiar places, and common dialogues. The effects are so believable that it is as if you are experiencing alternative reality.

In hindsight, society has dictated which sexual behaviors are acceptable and which are not. However, there is a growing number of people who are willing to try out alternative approaches to sex. Although some of us still find sadomasochism or fetishes unacceptable, they still arouse our curiosity. Sex games have their ways of satisfying that curiosity through simulation, without you being physically involved, thus not breaking any principles that you have about sex.

digamour girlsomavision girl somavision girl

Somavision Girl01 Somavision Girl02 Somavision Girl03 Somavision Girl04 Somavision Girl05 Somavision Girl06 Somavision Girl07 Somavision Girl08

Somavision Girl01 Somavision Girl02 Somavision Girl03 Somavision Girl04 Somavision Girl05 Somavision Girl06 Somavision Girl07 Somavision Girl08

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