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Webmaster support is something we believe in satisfying relentlessly! We are always here to help answer any questions / concerns you may have, as well as assist in any promotional procedures you may be having problems setting up. For partnership payment questions, personal banner approval, tracking url setup issues, etc: Please feel free to contact us using our website support email.

If you have any questions regarding payment issuance dates, payment cycles, etc: Please feel to call the respective billing company at:

CCbill : 1-888-906-0666

Note : Make sure you include your affiliate id, and Client Acct 925775 in all enquiries to CCbill.

FAQ Reguarding CCBill Affiliate Payout System

The CCBill Affiliate Program is an added service for CCBill clients that offers you and your affiliates a simple and effective way to generate more sales traffic to your websites. Implementing a successful affiliate marketing program enables you to build a powerful network of affiliate websites who actively refer high-quality traffic to your E-Venue.

CCBill provides all the tools you need to easily create and operate a successful and profitable Affiliate program. You control how you want the program set up and we manage it for you, including tracking your referrals and managing payouts to your affiliates for you.

All your affiliates need to do is place your banner or link on their site. You establish a commission rate to be paid for any referrals your affiliates send to you that result in new sales. The CCBill program offers you the flexibility to adjust the payout amounts and percentages as needed to maximize the revenue potential of your referrals. The CCBill system tracks every referral that is initiated from each of your affiliates sites and pays them out weekly as agreed upon by you.

When do I recieve payment?
Payout Schedule 4 Times / Month
Payout Dates Every Monday

Advanced Traffic Tracking Tools

The CCBill Referral and Affiliate Programs incorporate powerful traffic tracking tools to collect valuable marketing information regarding your affiliate transactions, including referring URL and detailed hit information. At a glance, you can see how many click-thrus are coming into your site, where they are coming from, and how many sales are being converted from them.

Robust Reporting Functionality

The Programs feature advanced reporting modules that provide a series of detailed real-time reports designed to capture the valuable business intelligence collected through the system. Plus, your affiliates have their own password-protected interface that allows them to monitor and track their own referral activity to your site.

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